Launches so laidback you’ll forget how all that money got there
Launch Pad for Network Marketers who want to launch a suite of products with their Personal Brand

Your name should be either on people’s calendars or their credit card statements–
nothing in between.

Everything you need to launch your suite of products, recruit other leaders and create magnetizing offers that expand your custom brand and get you sunglasses-at-night iconic celebrity recognition…

…all without having to make a single sex tape.

But first, here are some things to have your
cute coffee butler scratch off your to-do list,
because you won’t need any of these:

  • You don’t need a list (In fact, most people don’t build their list correctly anyway. I’ll show the secret to getting buyers to open every email you send).
  • You don’t need any special talents or superpowers (because if Kim K. ain’t proof that anybody can do this,
    then I’ll just eat my very expensive Givenchy hat).
  • You don’t need to spend years clutching an overexposed company brand just because everyone else is doing it. (Isn’t this the exact same reason we dumped those perm rods for sleek hair in the 90’s– well that and Jennifer Aniston?)


The last time I checked these internet streets, it was more crowded than riding in the back seat between J. Lo and Nicki Minaj. It’s super tough to get noticed out here, especially when you’re squeezed between these big-A$$ company brands.
(Wait… what? What were you thinking?)

I also know how frustrating it can feel when you’ve tried everything you know how to do and you are still frozen in your current rank, unable to grow your team or expand your current income.

You ask yourself ,”why not me?” Because…

…you’re following the EXACT steps your upline did.

…you’re calling your entire list (and following up like a fast food worker with a winning lotto ticket).

…you’re an awesome leader and people are always asking you for your advice.

….you’re an over-giver.

The answer is in 3 words:


When you…

  • are typecast in your industry and you don’t know how to communicate fresh ideas to your prospects,
  • keep giving away your best stuff, time, and talent for bagels and coffee gift cards,
  • Frankenstein together pieces of your brand story with Marie Forleo’s once-a-year business model,
  • live stream from a boat in Bora Bora but the selfie in your home bathroom looks like the Blair Witch Project, and
  • put out incongruent messaging…

You get financial uncertainty

and stalled team growth.


But imagine if you…

Spoke your truth.

Took a stand for your ideas.

Built a brand around your personality and not a personality around a brand.

Authentically made offers based on personal lessons in your journey and made zero excuses for how you show up in the world.

You want what every ambitious, high-achieving network marketer wants:

Raving, wait-outside-in-the-rain-for-your-next-offer prospects.

A brand that speaks for you and damn near closes the sale before you get a chance to say, “hey!”

Sold-out launches of your new product or service.

Booked up calendar for speaking engagements.

“Wish I was there” reviews & more heart-thumping photos of you holding a coffee while lounging on your NYC penthouse chaise.


Launch your next suite of products with confidence in 45 Days!

The top 3 reasons why you can’t wait another day to get started

1. This is the best time in history for women to take charge and say good-bye to the fear and frustration of sales conversations.

2. If you launch now, by this time next year you will have forgotten why you were ever worried about when you’d take your next vacation (or if even you could).

3. The Laid-back Launch is so easy that every 45 days you could have brand new reason to celebrate with your growing team and thank your brand new customers.


Small Middle Eastern countries can’t work with me, but YOU can…

I have been writing sales copy for more than 20 years! That’s right, I sold foreign governments weapons
for the United States Army. No joke.

I was a Public Affairs Major and part of my job was to SELL the Army Story– which sometimes included a war, weapons or whatever goodwill story we needed the public to believe at the time.

I have developed a bit of a superpower formally called “knowing”. Think of it kinda like a psychic ability but instead of seeing pictures, talking to dead people or bending spoons, I see words that work in the world.


when people get on a call with me, they cry.

My process looks something like this:

You complete my short survey so I can get feel for your goals, objectives, voice and vision.

We get on a call where I do more listening than talking for the first half, and the second half I give you the exact thing that you have been searching for in your business (sometimes in your life). ENTER the TEARS.

We decide on the writing process, budget and package that will work best for you.

I do some research and then the FUUUUUUN begins.

STEP 1. Hatch 

I complete everything you need to start building a perception of you that the most compatible clients will know, like and trust.

STEP 2. Match 

I create a suite of persuasive and engaging copy that pre-sells your product or services to your ideal audience without you even lifting a finger.

STEP 3. Dispatch 

I co-create your offer with you or your team, and you release your message out into the wild with confidence knowing your offer will bring back to you 10 times your investment with me.


Launch Codes: Access the cheat codes that light up your buyer’s fires and desires. Includes the Perfect Pitch Deck, workbook, mug, pens, sticky notepads, and handy carrying bag + 7-day Pitch Challenge. $97.97

Laid-back Launch Master Class: The complete suite of launch copy completed in 48 hours! Learn in the virtual classroom, and you keep the recording. $497.97

Launch Codes eCourse: Take your first launch from cringe-worthy to cash-heavy in 30 days. $997.97

Laid-back Launch LiveTour: 3-day Intensive. Perfect if you’re starting from scratch or you do multiple things well. You will walk away with a customized launch plan that will put at least 10k in your pocket even if you are a complete unknown. COMING SOON

Launch Codes Co-Creation: 3 months of co-creation with me in 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions (total of 6). Access to my private Voxer for instant clarity + accountability and progress system, 1 BONUS optimizing call when launch copy is completed. $500/month ($1500 total)

Fix My Launch: Bring me your broken, flopped or flat-out crazy launch funnel and my team and I will fix the whole thing for you. $5000

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