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Want to know the exact system that will allow you to recruit powerful team members and a frenzy of ‘”you-had-me-at-hello” customers, all without spending years playing for the NFL (No Friends Left) Club and practicing sales and recruiting tactics from an outdated playbook?

What if I told you I am spilling ALL of these secrets on a computer screen near you?
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  1. The one piece of critical brain science every marketer should know that allows you to naturally scale your business by instantly attracting your dream team and repelling the rest.
  2. How to use your personal brand and a bangin’ “Big Idea” formula to acquire 300 leads or recruit 60 new powerful team members. Millionaire copywriters never share these secrets with the public!
  3. The one daily social media ritual you need to add to your recruiting routine so that you elevate the professionalism of the industry and look like a helper and not a hunter.
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