Too often, business owners will start writing their copy by …. writing. That is not the first step in the copywriting process. There is a delicate balance of art and science when wri­ ting copy. The science side includes clarifying the goal, the wording of your request, and the needs of your audience. What is your goal? Do you want more subscribers? Are you writing to motivate people to buy? Are you establishing yourself as a credible expert in the field? From there, you need to research, plan, write, edit, review, revise, and then finally publish.

Your coaching program is six weeks long, includes a binder of materials, and a private Facebook group. No one is looking for that! Those are the features of your program. Your prospect wants the answer to the age-old question: What’s in it for me? You must focus on the benefits. What are the results they will gain from your program? A stress-free life? An organized inbox? Financial peace of mind? Tell them how their lives will be improved as a result of your products, programs or services. Don’t guess! Ask your current clients what results they have experienced and their greatest takeaways to be sure you are focusing on the most important benefits.

When your mother said, ”You need to eat your broccoli,” you ate it, because she’s your mother. However, you’re not your prospects’ mother! No one wants to be told what they need. Needs are not fun: you need to lose weight, you need to stop dating people who don’t treat you well, you need a better marketing funnel. Speaking about needs can be a turn off. So switch the focus to wants instead. What do your prospects want? ”Get back to your high school weight!” ”Find Mr. Right right now!” ”Your ideal clients will beat a path to  your door!”


Copywriting is a skill that takes time to develop. If you want killer copy for your business, hire a professional to do the job right | I assassinate boring copy |

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