Launch Codes

The 5-steps to avoid the “human barriers” that will stop your launch

Price: FREE 0.00 USD

Perfect Pitch Deck

It’s the world’s first universally comprehensive tool to create converting sales pitches, investment pitches, sales talks from the stage, or any other sales content in minutes

Price: 49.00 USD

99 Questions Workbook

When it comes to creating, managing and scaling a profitable business, you probably can count 99 problems, but after you complete this workbook, a pitch ain’t one!

You have been struggling with what works online, what to say, how to get people in the door. Now that struggle is over. It doesn’t matter the size of your business. The only thing that matters when completing this workbook is the size of your message.

Since 1994 my mission has always been to help everyday entrepreneur heroes win the war for attention.

It doesn’t matter what you want to sell– art, ideas or weapons-grade words– you must be able to answer these 99 questions. If you follow my guidance here and on my Keli Writes Copy Facebook Page, you will DOMINATE any niche, stack more CASH and join the new social media ELITE without having to think about what to say next.

Grab a cup a coffee and sit down with your team and take on these questions one-by-one until it’s done.

When your workbook is complete, schedule a session with me and we’ll turn your answers into a cash machine.

Price: 45.00 USD

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