You Never Have to Think About What to Say Again.

(Well, just once. But that’s it)

The deck contains all 28 elements of the perfect pitch!

It’s the world’s first universally comprehensive tool to create converting sales pitches, investment pitches, keynotes, website copy or any other sales content in minutes.

You know that feeling…

You’ve just been asked to share what you do and how you inspire people in front of a room full of strangers.

You roll your eyes so far up your eye sockets, you can see what the girl behind you is thinking. You search your brain…draw a blank…and then say something like.

Well, It’s complicated. (crickets)

So how do we turn moments like these into a sales pitch easier to catch than a chill on a Chicago train.

Put your hands together, get on your feet and scream for the
Perfect Pocket Pitch Deck

“I take these little babies with me everywhere. I don’t let them leave my sight. When I need to talk about my business, they are always there.” –Terra Bohlmann

“I just hand my cards to my assistant and she can write all of my social media posts and emails in my voice without ever straying from core message.” — Kristie Keever

“I always struggled with how to inspire more sales in the back of the room after a keynote. Then I saw one of Keli’s videos on YouTube  [@keliwritescopy] and now I don’t worry about getting everything I need to say in my allotted time because I can expand and contract my speech with ease.”–Tracie Hightower

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