Launch Code Masterclass

Put down your master prospect list! I just found a horde of gold bars buried in a cave in Bindoy, Philippines and I’m about to tell you exactly how I found it and how you can get some of it too!

I started a network marketing company… now go get the gold!

If you’re like most logical humans, the 1st thing you would do is:

Ask more questions (like is this for real?)

Google International news to see if anyone else is reporting on this story

Request proof of said Gold Bars and hope to God there’s still some left when you get there.

Here’s what most “logical” Network  Marketers do when trying to create passive income.

Take my very compelling word for it.

Start following my “exact” plan to get you to the gold

Hope they get rich and stay rich long enough to enjoy their retirement in a swanky beachside retirement home.

When they do everything they are told (once) and still don’t find the gold, they:

go rogue and make up their own plan to get the gold.

post pictures all over Instagram and Facebook and pretend they got the gold.

tell everyone it doesn’t exist or It was a scam and start trolling you like you slept with their man.

Out of the billions of network marketers around the world, only 4% get rich and stay rich and most of them started the company or was one of the first few to join.
The rest of them…the people like you…
who have reached an elite level of network marketing and follow the exact same steps:

Have mastered the art of personal branding

Learned the valuable skill of writing persuasively

Learn from someone who’s been there, held the gold and can give you the exact directions
(because they are smart and they don’t like wasting time or money).

When you actually launch your own personal brand,
it’s amazing what can happen. Let me show you…
Here’s a breakdown of what I’ve spent on
coaching + building my personal brand over the past few years.

2013: $10,000
2014: $24,000
2016: $7,000 (because I was jaded and fed up)
2017: $17,000
2018: $30,000

Total: Equivalent of a Harvard MBA = $61,000

Wait!….Whaaaat????!!! Sounds cray-cray, right?  BUt let me show you something else…
Look at what happen when everything finally clicked for me and I found my niche, my product and my personal brand:

2013: Broke af
2014: Still broke
2015: $50, 000
2016: $90,000
2017: $119,000
2018: on track to hit $140,000 (while taking the entire summer off)

Total: $399,000 ( not exact figures, but you get the point )

So were the conferences, networking, ecourses + coaching all worth it?

Well, it depends. DO YOU LIKE Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money + a company YOU own. Now that’s what I call gettin’ in on the ground floor MONEY.

So why am I interrupting your day with all of this? Because I want to lock you in a room and give you the best of my 20+ years as a copywriter, network professional and personal brand owner.

For 6 hours straight ( I provide lunch)…

I’m going to teach you how to stop chasing someone else’s fortunes and create out of thin air your own personal treasure chest of gold.

Want it?

Well, here’s what you get: The words, the direction and the blueprint for marketing your personal brand so you don’t have to rely solely on the holes you dug in someone else’s backyard.

Walk away with your:

Personal 30-sec commercial

Intriguing personal monicor

Video script + Video

30 days of social media content to break in your brand

Where is all going down in the town?

It’s happening in the comfort of your own home because this is a Masterclass

How can you get an invite to this Word Slay Soiree?

Just click on the link in the comments below and sign up.

P.S. Full transparency, this event is not for everyone and it is going to cost you 60 minutes of your time, but not nearly as much as plane ticket, the the frustration of digging in the wrong cave and the time you lose trying to throw your downline of chickens in the air and hoping they fly like eagles.

I hope to see you there! It’s the only “logical” decision for  a  high-achieving network marketer.

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