They Call Me The Sniper

I can imagine you, like me, are surprised that YOU landed here (of all places). You are reading this and that means at least one of my emails, blog posts or Facebook ads must have tickled you in some way. Or, maybe I charmed you with my bright smile and fiery red hair and you just couldn’t resist finding out if I were the real deal.

I am the real deal. The realest of deals!

I never thought a day would come when complete strangers would want to read my words then conspire
with me to complete services most people dare not do.

Yet here it is. Here WE are.

You must be a pretty incredible person yourself to be searching for services like mine. And might I add, I am so relieved to finally meet you.

Before we get started, many clients want to know what does it feel like to …you know…

Entry #216 December 2015: The First Kill

In this moment I am nervous, head dizzy, palms sweaty. I’m choking on words never spoken. My eyes are red and swollen and crusty from last night’s tears. You see I murdered my best friends last night in a bloody gruesome battle.

Today, I mourn their death. The death of my closest friends Blame and Abandonment. My heart weeps for these bosom buddies because without Blame and Abandonment as co-signers in my life, how will I know I have been justified in all of my choices?

Without my cheerleaders Blame and Abandonment—Oh! let’s not forget the band leader “I Am Not Good Enough”– how will I stand out from the crowd?

But last night, I slain them while they were sleeping.
The trio was so unsuspecting.
They never saw it coming, and frankly, it even surprised me.

I just realized, with them alive, I, Me, You, We could not exist in this tango of ours. If I let them breathe with life one more moment, We would be tangled in their thorns of deception and choked out before our relationship was ever given the chance to bloom.

Today, I capitulate.

Today I wave a stainless white flag I the face of possibilities. I surrender to everything life has a chance to complete now.

Wow! I guess what I am saying here is, I am finally free. The air up here tastes sweet.

From up here, I have a bird’s eye view of my arch nemesis Fear. A formidable foe, Fear is, and I have him in my cross hairs.

There he is just slightly ahead of me, running, panting, heaving with every inhale, trying desperately to catch up to others before he, exactly like Blame, Abandonment and I’m Not Good Enough, clings to one last breath before falling like dead wood from a thriving tree.

Write for your life™

I am a verbal hitman if you will, and I challenge you to write for your life. I’d like to offer you space to my right. The one space that I have held open for you. Space where you can be free to live your life in words. Space, where your words are more powerful than a thousand bombs, more impactful than surviving a plane crash and more important to your business than LaBron, is to the city of Cleveland.

Write for your life™ is grounded in uncensored and unapologetic self – expression for creatives who want to unleash their inner diva

In the Write For Your Life™ community, I train you in the ancient arts of verbal ninja tactics. I learned from the 20 years of experience I had as a public affairs officer in the U.S. army that the key to verbal prowess is to understand your target [audience].

Next, I trained with elite storytelling master John Maxwell to learn the principals of leadership and capturing…captivating audiences.  This is an essential weapon against fear and buyer’s objections.

I read more than 100 books a year on influence, sales, copywriting, storytelling and marketing to keep my skills sharp.  Every assassin must be fluent in three languages: Caveman language, Buyer’s language, and Body language.

So, if you are more of a face-to-face (hand-to-hand) kinda gal, I am also Pual Ekman Facial Expression and Body Language Certified. This really comes in handy at parties and watching presidential debates.  Good Times.

Top 10 Reasons why Keli is not a real assassin

(David Letterman style)

The “Official Version”

Keli Chevalier, retired U.S. Army Major, spent two decades developing leadership skills under extreme pressure while serving as an officer in the U.S. Army.  Keli’s recent retirement from the military has afforded her the opportunity of a life time—to continue service to others as a motivational speaker, head a non-profit organization dedicated to female veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder, and proud owner of The Communication Couturist.

Keli began her military career in 1994, when she entered basic training as a private first class at Ft. Leonardwood in Missouri.  After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Houston in Texas, she received her commission as a second lieutenant in the Army Logistics Corps.

Early in her career, Keli’s exceptional communication and leadership skill sets were recognized by her leadership. As a junior officer, she was hand selected to lead a small team of soldiers into Kosovo to run logistic operations for more than 3,000 combat troops during the Bosnian War. She also established The Island Knight, the first Army Newspaper on Okinawa.

In 2003, before the start of the Iraq War, Keli was selected as the executive commanding officer of over 300 soldiers; this company deployed at the onset of Operation Iraqi Freedom and was one of the first logistics companies to enter Iraq. Keli was promoted to Captain following this deployment.

On her second and final tour to Iraq in 2009, Keli sustained a spinal injury when a car bomb exploded near her convoy which ultimately resulted in her premature retirement from the Army, just shy of 20 years of service.

Having worked primarily as a public affairs officer for 1, 2, and 3 – star generals, Keli is very experienced in the art of leadership and influence.  She is an eternal optimist determined to prove that anyone can create relationships that matter.

She believes you create your world with your words.  Keli is a Mom, Keynote Speaker, and Author of Get Up! Get Dressed! Get Out!”, Observer, Fashion Curator, and Perspicacious-entrepreneur!

Keli helps people find their fascinating strengths and unique voices. Keli assists people in bringing their vision for the world in a crystal clear, well-articulated message. Most importantly, she helps others recognize their self-worth so they can capitalize on the most valuable asset—their personality!

Her philosophy of “There is a fun and simple way to have a YAY every day!™” will leave you with the confidence and encouragement you need to challenge the impossible and redesign your life.

Keli completed her Master’s degree in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma. She is certified in Paul Ekman eMETT and eSETT facial expressions. She is also a John Maxwell certified public speaker and host of the talk radio show, Sisters Seriously!

Keli has two incredibly handsome sons (Carlos and Nathaniel) and is married to Max Manlangit (a Jackie Chan look-alike). She resides in Houston, Texas and lives out loud every day!

(Yeah! That’s me in a nut shell…)
Want to learn more about working with me?  Head on over to my Work With Me page to learn more!

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