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  • No list? No Followers? No problem!
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  • Launch Copy you can trust to drive sales and expand your teams
Life’s too short to write your own copy.
Let me wrangle the words to make your next launch a lucrative success.

Hi I’m Keli,

I don’t know jack about concocting salad dressing recipes, or what kind of magic makes a nail polish sticker stay on for 2 weeks, or even what is actually in an 8 oz. shake that makes my body look beach ready in 30 days.

But what I DO know is how to write damn good sales copy for high-achieving network marketers ready to launch their own signature offers.

Launch Codes: The 5-steps to avoid the “human barriers” that will stop your launch.

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Get the 7 steps to batching your weekly videos, exactly how to create topics you don’t have to think about, and take the 30-day video launch challenge.


5 Copywriter Secrets YOU can use to dominate a 6-figure launch without a list, a flock of fans, or more than $40 in ads.


The only copy club that helps you get all your launch copy completed with the ease of a Ritz-Carlton bubble bath and a glass of Chardon-Yay!

Launch Codes Method for a

6-Figure Launch

Created By Keli Chevalier

When a guy I was dating 25 years ago asked me to join his network marketing company (back then called a pyramid scheme), I fell for the idea hook, line and sinker. Getting rich “just by using products I already use every day and sharing the experience with my friends”? Yes please.

I also fell hook line and sinker for the guy, but just like with the company, it didn’t work out.

But what I learned was every single aspect of our lives is rooted in either a damn good pitch or sorry-ass pitch. Think about it. Every decision you make is based on the pitch you heard or the pitch you gave yourself, am I right?

So for more than 20 years, my life has been about the pitch. I joined the U.S. Army because another handsome dude in a uniform gave me a compelling pitch to sign my life over to a group of strangers whose sole promise to me was to make me do more before 6am than most people did all day! Now, that’s one hell of a pitch. (Mainly because, before the army, I didn’t even know life happened before I had my rice krispies at 7 a.m.)

If that army recruiter had presented a weak pitch, I probably would have stayed in Pharmacy School and had a miserable life pushing over-priced drugs to people who can barely afford to live.

But… his pitch was strong and compelling. I had to learn the army’s sinister ways of moving smart, comfortable, talented people to do things like jump out of perfectly good airplanes and sleep on the ground in the middle of a desert.

I moved up the ranks from private to major, all the while storing up all the army secrets on how to sell you a story–ANY story–and make it feel like it was your idea in the first place.

And now that I am retired, I can’t be called back for any reason! I can finally share these secrets with you.

I have honed and sharpened these skills especially for network marketers who got me on this path 25 years ago. Since then, I have tried and failed at 13 different companies. (It just wasn’t for me.) But the one thing I have had great success with is helping hundreds of high-achieving network marketers create a pitch that propelled them to the top of their companies and launched them straight into coaching practices, consulting businesses, and even starting their own network marketing companies.

The Launch Codes Method is Simple

Most launchers go wrong before they even begin, because they start at the beginning. Huh? Here’s the truth: if you want a 6- or 7-figure launch, you must start at the belief… hmm, bet you didn’t see that coming.

That’s why the Life’s A Pitch method works so well. Launching on your own without the support of the company’s million dollar marketing team behind you, telling you exactly what to say, can feel overwhelming.

I believe the size of your business shouldn’t matter more than the size of your message.

Time  and  time  again  I  see  eager,  over-confident  launchers  jump  head  first  into  a  product  launch.

You  love  your  product,  I  get  it…really  I  do.  You’ve  painstakingly  gone  over  every  detail  of  your product, the  design,  the  packaging,  the  content,  the  title,  the audience,  the  flow  of  your  funnel, and  all  the  other  30  odd  moving  parts  of  a  successful launch.  You’ve  come  up  with  a  probability of  conversions  that  put  you  at  the  top  of  the  leaderboard,  right  up  there  with  the  influencers  you’ve  been  stalking  while  preparing  for  your  launch.  Am I  right?    Then  why  are  you  so  nervous?

The Life’s a Pitch Method works even if you’ve never made cash online before.

It’s not your fault for feeling like banging your head against the wall every time you sit down to write out your sales pages or script your webinar. (I call this blank screen syndrome) The fear of sounding like a novice is real and founded.  Getting all the words right in the right place at the right time can become more complicated than your companies comp plan ( I hope that’s not you).

In the first phase of the L.A.P. Method, we eliminate the chaos most launches have a replace it with clarity so you can actually enjoy watching your success with confidence as your coffers start to overflow.

We remove all the barriers to your launch from the start and hatch your Irresistible Idea with the confidence that it is exactly what your buyers are searching for.

The Second Phase, we repel every single time-sucking, Looky-Lou and  Copycat -Kate so you can match your message with your most compatible customers. You’ll learn to write messaging that  builds solidarity inside your unbreakable sphere of influence. Think Beyonce’s Bee-hive kinda loyalty.

The Final phase we dispatch your message with precision and accuracy. You get the tools and tactics to pull off the most legal heist of the century. Learn how and when to use Facebook ads vs. Youtube Ads. Discover when is the right time to introduce your offer and when you should focus on adding value.

The Pitch Kit

95% of business owners would rather die than think about what write to make them stand out from the crowd. Don’t die! Say goodbye to “What do I say?” forever.

Launch Codes


Finally, three days of easy-to-implement strategies that work when you need them to. You’ll put in maximum effort once, then relax through your launch now and in the future.

Have a Project Idea?

Have a project idea, and need some time with me to help you brainstorm? Maybe you just need a virtual team member. Pay as you go copy concierge is at your service. Get on my calendar and book your sessions.

Write or Wine

Join the only membership where writing and wine-ing go together like bald heads and hair glue. For people who get more creative with a pen and glass of liquid grapes.

Need a Copy Coach?

Need a copy coach to Emcee at your next conference or meeting? Hire me to speak. We’ll laugh til we pee and learn how to say exactly what’s on our minds without pissing anyone off.

You’re the Type of Gal…

You’re the type of gal who needs to put a voice (+ face) to the message. I get it. You can schedule a free 15-minute “Meet Keli” Call. Let’s get to know each other first.

Become a Million Dollar Pitch Master

Join the only membership where writing and wine-ing go together like bald heads and hair glue. For people who get more creative with a pen and glass of liquid grapes.

The Perfect Pitch Deck…

Talk of The Town

“Keli is one of the sharpest, most dedicated writers I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with. Not only is she an absolute sponge for new information and cutting-edge concepts, she has a huge heart, a powerful work ethic, a prolific creative flow and the writing style of a seasoned (and downright hilarious) entertainer. Beyond her gift of the gab, I’ve watched her singlehandedly help struggling entrepreneurs piece together their ideas, and help them go from utterly jumbled to utterly excited about what they have to offer. She goes the extra mile every time, and will not rest until projects are perfect and in-line with their original gorgeous vision.
She’s a rare breed “on these internet streets”. (I stole that line from her!) If you can, work with her A.S.A.P.”

Hillary Weiss

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